other pplz stuff

art i like (dedicated media pages to come) artists i like page will add more..soon..

  • GHENT ALTARPIECE - lewis tarver
  • BangJoy studios(邦乔彦) -KOKO snippet
  • Truce in March - jannelle fang
  • PUPARIA - shingo tamagawa
  • mr.sun - christina wu
  • cool links

    video game stuff

  • yume nikki online
  • TFG-fighting game resources
  • sprite/asset archive
  • model archive
  • tamagotchi smart info dump

    helpful shit

  • moveable perspective grid!

    archival/info dump

  • jp dramas/movies room set design
  • catalogue of ghost towns in america
  • set decorators society of america


  • for those who played kidpix as a child
  • a color for each s of time
  • mascots

  • japan local characters association, basically has everything you'd want on this subject
  • dude who posts about jp mascots in eng
  • jp mascot pics
  • fashion

  • lolita clothing archive
  • cute jp cadid fashion
  • more jp street fashion

    website resources


  • css gradient tool
  • teppy's layouts
  • java animations/effects
  • windows xp css

    visual enhancement

  • real-time calendar tool
  • moon phase calendar
  • vivarism (cute assets)
  • hot choco (cute assets pt.2)
  • foollovers
  • jp vn-like bgs
  • favicon pixels
  • free icon templates